Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil pages 148 – 201

Well, Bane has his fiftieth holocron and now he’s on his ship going back to homebase.  All of the hyperspace paths have collapsed in the short amount of time that he has been on Andeddu’s planet, making his return trip longer than expected and this writing device of stalling affords Bane the time to study the holocron on his way back home.  Hilariously Andeddu’s holocron puts up a fight and tells Bane he’s not worthy of learning the secrets of immortality.

Bane throws a small tantrum and figures well whatever, I just got done watching Hackers anyway, and proceeds to hack the holocron.  Obviously he is successful but the success drains him of energy and he sleeps the rest of the way home.

On a bit of lore-trivia (finally, something worth noting): The key to immortality is to actually take over someone else’s body.  The person must dominate their victims mind but the victim must also have a body strong enough to withstand all the dark energies being forced into it.  If you fail, your mind ends up in a void.  Bane likens this to the forcebomb void that he tricked so many stupid jedi and sith into.

Set Harth wakes up and gets recruited by Zannah as her apprentice should she manage to kill Darth Bane.  She recruits him despite how apparent it is to her that he does not give a damn whatsoever about the sith or their goals.  She figures he’ll learn to love her dark ways.  Set is a complete jerk to her but she lets it slide.  The whole “I will not be the cruel man my father was” just doesn’t sit quite right in Sithland.

Zannah decides that now is the time to defeat Bane, and takes off for home.

Except!  The Huntress and 20 mercenaries are waiting for them at their secret lair!  The Huntress (I wish she had a name) runs across Bane’s personal holocron and nabs it despite her tendency not to take personal belongings on jobs.  It just felt… right to her.  One of the mercenaries is all hey huntress I heard you can see the future do we live?  In her mind she sees his broken back and him dead on the floor.  Her response? Yeah some of us come through.  So cold.

Bane arrives at home but of course he’s still conveniently drained from haxoring the holocron and is defeated by the Huntress and her entourage. They take him alive and the huntress takes his lightsaber as a memento.

Then Zannah shows up and realizes something is wrong and she and Set take a ship to Doan to track down Bane and whomever captured him.

Back on Doan, the princess has discovered an old prison built beneath the palace called the Stone Prison. You might be wondering why it has such a mysterious name; don’t think too hard about it. Also it has a system set up to collapse the entire structure should anyone try to escape. I imagine that will happen in the near future. Well, Serra, Lucia and the Huntress go to hang out with Bane in the prison. Serra keeps injecting him with poisons and antidotes and Lucia is just oh my god it’s Des! Who knows what the Huntress is up to; I think she’s a candidate for Bane’s new apprentice. Bane pisses Serra off and she exits the room, leaving the Huntress and Lucia alone with him.

Best Moment: That guy that the Huntress saw dead on the ground? He dies, alright. From a couch that Bane sends flying into him. BAM! Couch death.

Worst Moment: What the hell. Bane is all about making the sith the most powerful force in the galaxy and is determined to destroy the jedi but the way people recruit apprentices in his mind needs some helpful criticism. How did Zannah get picked? She threw a temper tantrum over the loss of a pet and killed two jedi. And Set? What, he Oscar Wilded his way into being a floozy that is so narcissistic that he was mistaken for being evil? Set is never going to propel the sith into some golden age, Zannah. Get with it. He’s just not that into you.

(ooooh, book pun)

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