Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil pages 92 – 147

On his way to the last world of Darth Andeddu, Bane finds that he must traverse the inner core of the system.  There’s a lot of talk about how dangerous it is to get there, but Bane already went into that area once for another holocron.  When he arrives he finds a sparsely populated planet with cities and a cult devoted to Andeddu.  Not one to mince words, Bane kills anyone that happens to stand in front of him and then literally pries the holocron from Andeddu’s cold, dead hands.

Zannah, hanging out on Doan, finds the barkeep that Set Harth had earlier bullied about and uses him to find out Set Harth’s home base.  She then proceeds to kill him out of nowhere after there is a moment of talk about how she doesn’t kill needlessly.  This death is justified by the barkeeps knowledge of her own origin planet.

Set’s base of operations it turns out, is Nal Hutta.  You may remember this planet from Fatal Alliance, the simmering, disgusting capital planet of the Hutts.  Well, when Zannah arrives Set has just gotten home from a party and is really trashed.  But oh wait he’s just faking it!  There’s a long fight and Zannah toys with him but ultimately she’s much stronger and subjects him to phantom brain attacks.  If he wakes up, maybe she’ll use him as an apprentice?

There’s an entire chapter about how Lucia finds the Huntress (the Iktotchi) on a casino space station.  It’s really unimportant.

Then the Huntress shows up on Ambria and has a meet and greet with Serra, who asks her to find and capture Darth Bane.  The Huntress thinks this will be pretty challenging and so of course she says I’ll do it!

Best Moment: Don’t think that you get a scene on Ambria at Caleb’s old house without at least one mention of the pot he boiled his hand in. This time it just rests there subtly in the middle of a paragraph describing a scene we’ve already bared witness to at least three times previous. The pot, like a black hole of bad times drawing you into it’s dark recesses. Which conveniently segues into our worst moment.

Worst Moment:  Ugh, failure as a critical reader on my part here, but somewhere in these particular pages Karpyshyn uses the “recesses of the mind” line again. This time it’s like inescapable or inevitable though. Stick with what you know, man.

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