Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil pages 40 – 91

Darth Bane gets a call from one of his intel guys and he proceeds to meet him at a bar where he haggles for a moment before buying an old piece of parchment about this guy Darth Andeddu.  Andeddu had discovered the secrets of immortality, or at least prolonged life and the parchment gives Bane a clue on how to get to him.  In writing this, something that I realize that I love about the future, I mean past, is that none of these sci-fi people have cell phones.  No stupid bluetooth ear pieces, no massive walkie talkies.  Nothing.  Sure they get calls on their ships or paged at home or whatever, but no one is interrupted in the middle of a lightsaber fight by a 20 second clip of Lady Gaga’s latest hit announcing an incoming call from the jedi council.  Ugh, not NOW Yoda!
So, Bane wants to go find his stupid holocron to figure out how to be immortal and then he would have enough time to find an apprentice that would kill him and take over the sith command.  I feel like Bane is missing the idea that perhaps if he were immortal he wouldn’t need to be killed and he could command the sith as he likes, but maybe he’s a big picture kind of guy.
Then, finally Zannah shows up on the scene.  But hey what do you know it’s boring.  Zannah is planning on killing Bane but on HER terms, dammit.  Bane sends her on a fake out mission to Doan to investigate the recent jedi death and possibly retrieve some sith artifacts for him.  In reality, Bane is going to use her absence to slip away and find the holocron without her ever knowing.  Zannah makes a new years resolution that this will be the last mission he sends her on and she will kill him once she’s back.
Serra, Caleb’s daughter and princess whom I forgot to give a name last time, shows up on Coruscant with Lucia and gives the old one-two to a jedi master.  Verbally, I mean.  She tells him she doesn’t think the jedi need to go to Doan to investigate because it’s all over.  No blood no foul, I mean except for the dying part.  Then, the jedi master she’s speaking with, Obba, tells her about a different kind of jedi, neither of the order nor a sith called a Dark Jedi.
So Dark Jedi are like the sith except that instead of being interested in taking out the jedi, they’re just really vain.  I’m not sure if the use the dark side or not, or if they’re limited to using the force from the side of the light but for their own purposes.  That doesn’t make much sense to me though, since it seems like vanity is a sure way to get in touch with ones dark side.
In particular, there is one Dark Jedi, Set Harth who Obba thinks is potentially the most dangerous man in the galaxy.  This is mostly because Obba thinks there are no more sith lords around.  When Serra overhears this, she thinks back to when Bane invaded her home and asks Obba why he thinks that.  Obba describes the scene at Caleb’s place ten years back and when asking for a physical description of the sith lord they killed she realizes it isn’t the same person.  Hatch revenge plot.
Then we meet Set Harth.  Set is on Doan looking for the sith relics and finds his way to a bar in the mining district where he has heard antiquities are sold.  After a little bit of persuasian he gets the barkeep to take him to the person that is currently in posession of the relics found in the uncovered tombs.  When he gets there he kills everyone except the barkeep, thinking he will never appreciate just how lucky he was to get away alive.  Which he probably won’t appreciate for long, given that I imagine Zannah will kill him as soon as she meets him.
Worst Moment: Obba, some master jedi getting talked out of more thoroughly investigating the death of one of his own order by some middling princess of an outer rim planet with a vague understanding of the force? Whatever. I guess the plot had to move on somehow.
Best Moment:  Inside the bar, Set gives the barkeep 100 credits to get him to talk.  Instead of just talking, the barkeep sends everyone out of the bar and when one man won’t leave he gets his goons to pick the man up by the pants and literally throw him out through the doors and onto the street beyond.  Reading it you could just tell Karpyshyn had wanted that scene in a story so very badly.

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