Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil pages 1 – 39

Okay, so I took a break for a bit. The sadness invoked by our previous foray into star wars and the novocaine numbing of picking up Mass Effect ruined my life for a bit. Those of you familiar with Mass Effect will appreciate a certain amount of irony here. Those of you who are not, I will simply shamefully confess that Drew Karpyshyn, writer of our current trilogy of awful awful times is also lead writer on the game Mass Effect, which I absolutely love. Maybe the differences required to write for a video game versus a book are just large enough to make a person good at one but not the other. Either way, congratulations Karpy.

On with the show.

Well friends.  We stand at the beginning of the end.  We stare into a great long chasm whose jagged mouth comes to an inevitable ruinous close.  Watch your belongings, stow your trays, we’re going in.

Ten years have passed since Zannah killed Caleb and Darovit and we find Darth Bane on a new planet along the outer rim.  He is rid of the Orbalisks and his body has more or less completely regenerated itself.  He spends his days lately practicing sword styles, keeping himself up to date with his information network and reading in his private library.

What has Zannah been up to?  Who knows.  Bane is disappointed with her for having not tried to kill him yet and feels like perhaps he has made a mistake in choosing her as an apprentice.  His own body is decaying before his eyes from his excessive use of the dark side, giving him little to no time to find a new successor.  Solution?  Immortality.  And luckily he just recently stumbled upon information regarding an old sith master who had mastered the art of prolonged age.  In fact, supposedly the lost master left a holocron that was never discovered and no one knows the location of.  Bane is determined to find it.

On another planet, the name of Doan, a jedi knight finds himself mediating a conflict between a royal family and their miner colony underlings.  The miners get paid very little and recently in an effort to change things tried to kidnap the crown prince but instead killed him.  Whoops.  Our jedi friend is trying to make things better but only because the council on Coruscant heard about an ancient sith tomb that was discovered on the planet.  Well, that gets foiled pretty quickly when a Iktotchi assassin shows up and kills all of the miners and the jedi as well.

Cut to meeting the crown princess.  She’s pining over having not seen her father since she was 16 and wondering how he’s doing and oh yeah his name is Caleb.  We get to relive for the third time the incident of Caleb’s hand boiling.  The princess, of course was married to the crown prince who has been killed.  Unfortunately the jedi having been killed makes the royal family look really bad and the princess decides to go to Coruscant to tell them no no it’s cool we didn’t mean it sorry.  Our bad.  She goes in the company of her personal bodyguard, a lady name Lucia.  Oh, who’s Lucia?  Just an old member of everyone’s favorite sith-wartime army elite forces the Gloom Watchers.  Also known as Darth Bane’s (Des) old band.

That’s Star Wars!

Best Moment: I want to know more about Iktotchis. This lady runs into a miner camp, kills all of them and a jedi and just leaves like no big deal.

Worst Moment: Did you already guess? What the hell holocrons. I am so sick of this. I bet Bane finds about three more holocrons in this book and still manages to learn nothing and still whines about how rare and hard to find they are. Ugggggh.

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