Darth Bane: Rule of Two, pages 288 – finish.

Darth Bane got pretty messed up in his fight with five jedi.  Given that a couple of them were masters, I suppose this isn’t any real surprise.  One of the jedi, just before drawing his last breath, shrouds Bane in a bubble just as he is letting go a tremendous amoutn of force lightning.  This basically fries him instantly and DB is rendered unconscious.  Zannah gathers the lightsabers of the slain jedi and she and Darovit run off to Ambria.

Why Ambria?  Because that’s where Caleb is, the guy with the deformed hand.  Karpyshyn mentions this hand and the circumstance under which he receives this hand because well, it’s ridiculous.  In the last book, Path of Destruction, Caleb receives this boiled hand because he stick his hand in soup to show Bane he’s not afraid of torture.  whatEVER.  As if there’s no torture worse than boiling your hand.  I can think of a number of jobs I’ve had already.

So off they go to Ambria.  Too bad for them this time Caleb’s daughter isn’t there and they can’t threaten her in order to get him to heal Bane. Bane, having been shocked, has ended up losing one of the Orbalisks attached to him, which in turn has sent an awful poison into his body.  So instead, Darovit convinces Caleb that unless they treat Bane, Zannah will go off on a streak of vengeance, killing everything in her wake.  Caleb thinks about this for a moment and decides it’s a valid point.

So he heals Bane on the condition that Zannah send a message to the jedi council that there is a sith lord on Ambria and she turn herself in. Caleb will disable her ship so she cannot flee and Bane will be too weak at this point to fight anyone off.

Bane gets healed.  The jedi show up to investigate and find Caleb sliced into bits and Darovit half crazy with a lightsaber in his hand (belonging to Farfalla) and four other lightsabers that they claimed as loot from the fight.  The jedi kill him, figure oh man he must have killed Caleb and Caleb must have sent the message and Darovit must have been the sith lord. Well, that’s that!  And then they leave.

Zannah is chuckling in a basement with Bane’s unconscious body.  The jedi don’t find them.

That’s a wrap!

Best Moment: Darovit, having been driven insane by the cousin he just wants to help out lightsabered in the chest by jedi.  There’s just something really satisfying about that.  (Yeah, in KotOR I picked an evil path first, so what?)

Worst Moment:  What the fuck.  This entire book was the worst moment.

Seriously, what was the point?  What changed between the first and second book of this trilogy?

Bane figured out how to make a holocron but didn’t make one.  He hasn’t even tried yet so we don’t really know he will manage it.  So basically, nothing happened there.

Bane got rid of the orbalisks, I guess, but he both aquired and lost them in the same book so who cares?

Zannah is still an apprentice and has learned nothing new.  We spend an entire book with her and she’s still just some wishy washy sith apprentice.  Was killing her cousin the act that finally drove her to fully embrace the dark side?  Why wasn’t this just summed up in ten pages?

At the end of Path of Destruction, no one knew any of the sith survived. At the end of Rule of Two, the jedi think they just killed the last sith. Back to zero.

Nothing.  Absolutely nothing game changing happened in this overly boring, lackluster book.  At some point Johun is referred to as John in the book also, so I can only assume that even the editors gave up as well.

No wait, I’m sorry.  Darovit, their last physical link to Ruusan and Zannah’s past is severed.  But he could have just been left alone on Ruusan and it wouldn’t have mattered.  I never would have questioned what happened to good old severed handed Darovit.

Shame on you, Drew Karpyshyn.

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  1. Bocephus Borstelbit says:

    Dear Tatooine Hysterical Society,
    Please to bring on Dynasty of Evil and accompanying sarcasm.
    Sincerly, from the dark recesses of our mind,
    B Borstelbit

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